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triptych mosaic mural tree of life

This mosaic is in three parts, each 36″x60″, for a total dimension of 9feet wide by 5feet high. The scale of the tree is large enough that once it is installed on a wall it gives the feeling that one is sitting in the shade and splendor of a real tree in bloom – living art.

The tree is a spirit portrait of my friend, Koko Jaeger, who died at age 44 last November. The principles used to represent her essence were based on Five Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine and also on more whimsical input like what here favorite color was – purple. Metal Wood with Fire loves Purple would be the most accurate way to name this piece.  Koko had a mix of Wood Element and Metal Element and just enough Fire element to know how to have fun.  The tree and the green trunk and leaves all represent Wood Element.  The white flowers and moons represent Metal Element and also point to the very reverent way Koko lived her life. The red stars and sun represent her Fire Element. Overall this is a nature-based design which also represents Koko for she was very connected to the earth and plants and animals. She loved purple so the background was done in mixed purple tile.

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White Spirit Tree Mosaic Mural

This mosaic mural is 21′ x 7′ and adorns the wall of a private residence overlooking the garden. The colors were chosen to render a nature theme and provide a decorative piece that blends with the garden. The image invokes nature spirits and the energy of growth, expansion, and splendor. Mirror was used to outline the main design element and the whole mural, reflecting the garden itself in the mural.

Below are detail views of the mural.

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This 6′ x 8′ mosaic mural was completed in May 2011 and it is my first effort at a large mural after working with Isaiah Zagar in February 2011. It is located on a wall in the community center building of Maitreya Mountain Village, a community in Northern California.

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The swirly design evokes Klimt and popular depictions of The Tree of Life. The design expresses themes from Chinese Traditional Medicine Five Elements Theory: the elements flowing into each other. Water flows into Wood which feeds Fire which flows to Earth and then to Metal. I dedicate this mural to my teacher, Donna Eden, of Eden Energy Medicine.


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The artist’s Serene Urban Garden – decorated with metal sculpture made from scrap metal

To the urban mystic, community gardens represent hope and faith, in each other, and in where we plant ourselves (cities sometimes), and of course in Nature herself, that she will partner with us to create abundant nourishment and beauty. Apropos of that, I’m pleased to write that a group of good peeps in Vallejo, CA, are working hard to create a community garden at an empty lot on the corner of Ohio and Marin Streets. This would place this gem of a community building effort very much ‘on the map’ of Vallejo’s Art District on Marin Street.

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Mosaic Planter on Georgia Street in Historic Downtown Vallejo California

The community garden organization, St. Vinnie’s Community Gardens,  is fundraising and currently has a sponsor offering matching funds.  Click here to donate via Paypal to the community garden –  DONATE.

Sign their petition  to support this good cause so they may rally sponsorship and resources from local government, businesses, and individuals.  St. Vinnie’s Community Garden – Sign Our Petition.