photo of a White Spirit Tree Mosaic Mural

White Spirit Tree Mosaic Mural

Mosaic Commissions

There are two types of commissions Architectural and Fine Art. For each type of work Sophia offers the option of completing the work herself or working with community members and friends to create a group masterpiece.

Architectural Mosaics

For murals, backsplashes, tub surrounds, floors, utilitarian sculpture like benches and fountains and contemporary mosaic the artists have at their disposal the full range of industrial construction techniques used by tile-setters as well as more specialized techniques gleaned through experimentation driven by creative need.  Mosaic surfaces are essentially broken ceramic or glass tile and the materials used for adhesion and grouting are industry standards and thus offer equivalent durability and performance to that of tile installations.

For large scale mosaics – I usually create the mosaic in my workshop in a way that allows me to do the fabrication in the studio on fiberglass mesh or another method for mosaic transfer.   The production is done in pieces that can be transported easily, even on an airline.  The installation (adhering the mosaic with mortar onto it’s final surface) happens over 1-2 days at the final location for the mosaic. Grouting is done on location and usually takes a day.  Very large mosaics covering the side of a building can take longer to install and grout than 2-3 days, please contact me to discuss specific parameters for your project.

Fine Art Mosaics

These are meant as wall hangings give more room for creativity as to the use of backings, adhesives, and finishes because the final product does not need to be walked on, sat on, or withstand daily use.  The durability requirements for fine art mosaics require that the piece is able to hold it’s structural integrity under normal use – the piece being carefully transported and hung,  hanging on a wall, being dusted/cleaned.

For commissions small enough to be hung on a wall instead of permanently built onto a wall, fine art (wall art) mosaic works are created on a rigid backing in my workshop and available for shipping anywhere.  In the San Francisco Bay Area I am able to offer delivery of artwork within 100 mile driving radius of Vallejo, Ca.  The wood frame for the mosaic can be rigged for hanging or screwed directly onto a wall to wood studs.

Distance Not a Barrier – Mosaics Anywhere

Geographic location is not a barrier! Sophia Othman is available to travel throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, the United States, and the rest of the world to create her unique artwork.

Mosaics can be fabricated in my studio and the pieces shipped to their final location for the installation process.  I would fly to the install location and complete the process over a minimum of 2 days, one day to install with mortar and another day to grout. Traveling workshops usually take place over the course of a few days, and can engage an entire community in building an original mosaic mural.