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Every summer the Vallejo Community Arts Foundation (VCAF) hosts a two-week summer art camp for youth aged 11 to 14 years old.  In 2014 I had the singular fun of teaching mosaic to a delightful group of 30 kids.  They made their own individual mosaics (see below photo gallery).  They also worked as a team to piece a large mosaic of pelicans (see above) which later on was sold on March 15th, 2015 for $3500 to benefit VCAF’s Youth Summer Art Camp Scholarship fund.


VCAF is taking applications for this year’s Summer Art Camp – click here for the online application.


2 Responses to “Youth Art Camp Mosaics”

  1. Cindy

    Are you currently teaching classes. Myself and two friends are interested in mosaic.

    • sophia othman

      Hi! the best way to get info about classes is via my newsletter. if you visit my website there is a widget on the left side that lets you sign up for the newsletter.

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