We work with a wide variety of tesserae (broken tile used to make mosaics art) including:  ceramic tile, glass, smalti, stone, pebbles, handmade concrete tile, handmade ceramic tile, and fused glass elements.  For indoor fine art mosaics and mixed media art installations we use a wider range of materials like metal, fabric, paper, and found objects.   Standard professional tile industry practices are observed in the production and installation of architectural mosaic.

We use a variety of techniques to create concrete sculpture:  poured casts, ferrocement (concreteover expanded metal lathe or metal grid layered on metal armature) or over fiberglass mesh layered on a styrofoam core.   Concrete sculpture can be decorated by painting or stains and carved/shaped at various stages in the curing process.   Mosaic is a perfect outer layer to decorate a concrete sculpture like a bench.  Even using a material as mundane as cement and sand, one can produce wonderfully detailed organic free-flowing forms in concrete sculpture.


I was born in Tennessee, and grew up in Baghdad, Iraq, for my first 14 years.  I’ve been creatively driven since childhood.  I have been a practicing artist for over 13 years, and have been creating sculpture and mosaic since 2007.  I’m passionate about  large scale mosaic and sculpture installations for private, public, and community projects.  I use ceramic tile and glass in my mosaics.  My guiding artistic vision is to elegantly blend beauty, utility, and meaning.  I am excited by the context-driven transformation of environments via art into places that bring joy and inspiration, and facilitate a sense of profound connection to nature, self, and others.  My current areas of artistic expansion include community-built art, guerrilla mosaics, and making art with youth.