mosaic artist in her studio working on a mosaic planter

A simple yet pleasing mosaic design for a planter

I use broken ceramic tile, glass, stone, and other tesserae (broken materials used to make mosaic) to create my mosaics.  Standard professional tile industry practices are observed in the production and installation of my mosaics.

My murals are most strongly influenced by the styles of Laurel True and Isaiah Zagar.   Seeing Zagar’s work unleashed a freedom in me to do large cosmic stylized mosaics, a heavenly marriage of chaos and order.

My concrete sculpture is concrete layered a metal armature (ferrocement) or a styrofoam  base.   Concrete can be painted or stained and carved/shaped.   Mosaic is a perfect final layer to decorate a concrete sculpture.  Using a material as mundane as cement and sand, concrete sculpture can be produce wonderfully detailed organic free-flowing forms.