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mosaic mural in three parts of tree of life, moons, stars, and sun


Architectural Mosaic Art Commissions

We work with a wide variety of tesserae (broken tile used to make mosaics art) including ceramic tile, glass, tempered glass, smalti, beach glass, pottery shards, stone, pebbles, handmade concrete tile, handmade ceramic tile, and fused glass elements.  Architectural mosaics include mosaic wall murals, kitchen back-splashes, tub surrounds, floor mosaics, mosaic signs, and utilitarian sculpture such as benches/seat walls,  fountains, water features, playground structures, and garden art.

Our mosaics are created on fiberglass mesh in sections. This allows the mosaic to be pieced completely in our studio and then be shipped to the client’s site for installation.  The mosaic installation on-site takes 2 or more days depending on the size of the mosaic.   We can also ship the mosaic sections to be installed by others.

Concrete Sculpture

We offer custom concrete sculpture design and fabrication for a variety of settings including homes, businesses, public art settings, and for community art projects.   We are able to fabricate a wide variety of sculptural forms, examples are: benches/seat walls, fountains, water features, playground structures, faux rocks and landscape, and garden art.

We use a variety of techniques to create concrete sculpture:  poured casts, ferrocement (concreteover expanded metal lathe or metal grid layered on metal armature) or over fiberglass mesh layered on a styrofoam core.   Concrete sculpture can be decorated by painting or stains and carved/shaped at various stages in the curing process.   Mosaic is a perfect outer layer to decorate a concrete sculpture like a bench.  Even using a material as mundane as cement and sand, one can produce wonderfully detailed organic free-flowing forms in concrete sculpture.

Community Mosaics

We facilitate community mosaic art projects for neighborhood groups, schools, hospitals, youth groups, donor appreciation projects, faith-based groups, non-profit groups,  and other groups organized around a shared interest, value, or activity.  Contact Sophia to discuss your community mosaic art project.

Mosaic Art Classes/Instruction & Team Building

We offer mosaic instruction as part of community mosaic art projects and I have experience teaching K-8th Grade as well as adults.  Mosaic instruction is available to suit a variety of contexts:  mosaic art parties, team building events for corporate clients, memorial mosaics, custom school mosaic art instruction, festival live mosaic art making events.  We would be delighted to speak with you about your particular vision for your event or classroom or business.


Mosaic Fine Art Commissions

Aside from commissions I am constantly creating mosaic art on wood panels suitable for hanging indoor or outdoor.  My fine art (wall art) mosaic works are created on a rigid backing in my workshop and available for shipping anywhere.  In the San Francisco Bay Area I am able to offer delivery of artwork within 100 mile driving radius of Vallejo, Ca.

These are meant as indoor wall hangings and offer a wide range of options as to backings, adhesives, and tesserae (mosaic fragments).  Your unique creative vision and style can be reflected in a brilliant custom mosaic that adds beauty and grace to your home.  Imagine sitting at your dining room table with a huge mosaic tree on the wall, sipping your morning coffee, taking easy breaths, feeling nourished by the magical beauty of your mosaic.

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    Hi Sophia,

    I am in the market for a super awesome mosaic tree planter. It would house a Scottish or Oregon pine tree. I would need a frost proof planter due to Colorado winters. I left you a voicemail as well. I adore your work!

    Thank you!


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