Sophia Othman

Mosaic art & Concrete Sculpture

dragon red and green mixed media mosaic collage school art project led by sophia othman bay area mosaic artist

Dragon Mixed Media Mosaic Panel – school community built mosaic art



Our mosaic & sculpture art studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area – we offer custom architectural mosaics and sculpture for public, private, and commercial spaces.  We facilitate community mosaic art projects, school mosaic projects,  and other group live art events.

Design Approach

We work in collaboration with our clients to design and fabricate custom mosaic and sculpture.  Our design is context-driven.  We aim to realize our clients’ vision for the space in which the mosaic will be installed and the audience of the mosaic or sculpture.   

Core Competencies

We design and fabricate large scale mosaic for interior and exterior environments.  We work with a wide range of mosaic tile – glass, pebbles, ceramic tile, handmade ceramic tile.  We design and fabricate  concrete sculpture.  Standard professional tile industry practices are observed in the production and installation of architectural mosaics.

Local & Global

Modern production techniques allow for large scale mosaics to be fabricated in our studio and the pieced sections to be transported for installation anywhere in the world.  SF Bay Area and California based projects can be installed on site by our team over a few days.   We can also ship mosaic sections globally to be installed by local tile setters.

We use a variety of techniques to create concrete sculpture:  poured casts, ferrocement (concrete over expanded metal lathe or metal grid layered on a metal armature) or over fiberglass mesh layered on a styrofoam core.   We can decorated concrete sculpture by carving and shaping at various stages in the curing process.  Other attractive ways to finish include painting, concrete stains, polishing, and mosaic.


About Sophia Othman – Lead Mosaic Artist

Sophia was born in Tennessee, and grew up in Baghdad, Iraq, for her first 14 years.  Her family lived in Cardiff, Wales for 2 years and she has lived in California since 1981.  Sophia has been creatively driven since childhood.  Her formal education took a crooked path through a Bachelors in Geology and a Masters Program in Nursing Science (she is an RN), a few years of teaching technology.  Her art education includes self-curated in-depth studies in mosaic, welded metal sculpture, concrete sculpture, community built art, and ceramics.  She has been creating mosaic and concrete sculpture since 2003.  She is passionate about large-scale mosaic and sculpture – art the has a palpable impact on the space in which it lives – art that creates a sense of grounded wonder and joy in the observer.   Her guiding artistic vision is to elegantly blend beauty, utility, and meaning.  She is excited by the context-driven transformation of environments via art into places that bring joy and inspiration.  Her artistic design is heavily influenced by themes found in nature.  She aims for her art to facilitate joy, catalyze profound personal freedom, and evoke a sense of connected belonging.  Her current areas of artistic expansion include community-built art, and handmade ceramic tile, and being a teaching artist.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. sophia othman

    Hi Mary – What a unique idea for a group art project. I love incorporating emotional work as part of the creative process so this is an exciting idea to me. We can chat about the details and see where it goes. (510) 415-3916 I am available tomorrow or Friday most any time 10AM-6PM. Sophia

  2. Mary McFarland

    Hey there,

    My name is Mary and I’m an Event Coordinator for AM Event Group. We offer a variety of event services nationwide and we have an upcoming event in San Francisco in June that I wanted to chat with you about.

    Our client is hosting a tradeshow in San Francisco in June and have a fun activity planned for their team to blow off some steam. As a way to release any worries or stress, their having a plate smashing party during one of the nights of their event. They’ll be writing their worries on the plates, then smashing them up against a wall. As fun as this sounds, they also don’t want to be wasteful and have been trying to think of ways for the plates to have a second life, even after being broken into pieces. The idea we came up with is finding a local mosaic artist and asking them to create a mural with the broken pieces that can be hung in the client’s office as a reminder to their team.

    I was researching artists in/around San Francisco and found your website so I wanted to reach out. Would you be open to commissions around early June? If so, if you could give us a general pricing estimate or flow of how you usually do commission pieces that would be really appreciated. We’re still ironing out some details on the event ourself, but I wanted to start reaching out to artists so we aren’t behind on schedule. As of right now, we aren’t sure if the plates will be different colors or white only. If they’re only white, would you also be open to painting the pieces as well so the mural is multicolor?

    If you’re available during this time and interested, I can give you more information as I receive it, including estimated number of plates that will be used, plate colors, mural theme/concept, etc.

    Thanks so much!


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