What We Do

Sophia Othman Mosaics is a professional mosaic art studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area – we offer custom architectural mosaics and sculpture for public, private, commercial spaces.  We facilitate community mosaic art projects, school mosaic projects,  and group live art events.

How We Work

We work in collaboration with our clients to design and fabricate custom mosaic and sculpture.  Our design is context-driven.  We aim to realize our clients’ vision for the space in which the mosaic will be installed and the audience of the mosaic, whether it be a bench in a garden, a school playground mosaic mural, a inset in a sidewalk, a hospital lobby, a kitchen or bathroom in a private home, or the lobby of a commercial space.

We work with a wide variety of tesserae (broken tile used to make mosaics art) including:  ceramic tile, glass, smalti, stone, pebbles, handmade concrete tile, handmade ceramic tile, and fused glass elements.  For indoor fine art mosaics and mixed media art installations we use a wider range of materials like metal, fabric, paper, and found objects.   Standard professional tile industry practices are observed in the production and installation of architectural mosaic.

We specialize in large scale mosaics that are created on fiberglass mesh in sections, allowing the mosaic to be pieced completely in our studio and then  we ship the mosaic sections to the client’s site for installation.  The resulting mosaic mural looks seamless and no trace of the sectioning remains.  The mosaic installation on site takes 2 or more days depending on the size of the mosaic.   We can also ship the pieced mosaic sections to be installed by others.

We use a variety of techniques to create concrete sculpture:  poured casts, ferrocement (concrete over expanded metal lathe or metal grid layered on a metal armature) or over fiberglass mesh layered on a styrofoam core.   We can decorated concrete sculpture by carving and shaping at various stages in the curing process.  Other attractive ways to finish include painting, concrete stains, or polishing.   We can produce coarse or very smooth finished surfaces.  And mosaic is a durable and permanent and very attractive outer layer to decorate concrete sculpture like a bench or fountain.


About Sophia Othman – Lead Mosaic Artist About sophia_portrait_headshot_soltrans-209x250

Sophia was born in Tennessee, and grew up in Baghdad, Iraq, for her first 14 years.  Her family lived in Cardiff, Wales for 2 years and she has lived in California since 1981.  Sophia has been creatively driven since childhood.  Her formal education took a crooked path through a Bachelors in Geology and a Masters Program in Nursing Science (she is an RN), a few years of teaching technology.  Her art education includes self-curated in-depth studies in mosaic, welded metal sculpture, concrete sculpture, community built art, and ceramics.  She has been creating mosaic and concrete sculpture since 2003.  She is passionate about large-scale mosaic and sculpture – art the has a palpable impact on the space in which it lives – art that creates a sense of grounded wonder and joy in the observer.   Her guiding artistic vision is to elegantly blend beauty, utility, and meaning.  She is excited by the context-driven transformation of environments via art into places that bring joy and inspiration.  Her artistic design is heavily influenced by themes found in nature.  She aims for her art to facilitate a sense of profound connection to nature, self, and others.  Her current areas of artistic expansion include community-built art, live art events, and handmade ceramic tile.