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ceramic tile mosaic mural tree of life memorial mosaic by sophia othman bay area mosaic artist
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Memorial Mosaic Spirit Portrait – Tree Of Life

This is a memorial mosaic mural. It is a portrait of the personality of Koko Jaeger.  Koko died at age 44 in November 2012, and I am still melancholy with the loss of her brilliant and fun presence. 

The archetypes and themes used to represent her essence were based on Five Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine and also on more whimsical input like what here favorite color was – purple. Metal Wood with Fire loves Purple would be the most accurate way to name this piece.  Koko had a mix of Wood Element and Metal Element.  Wood Element meant she was good at leading, getting things done, loyal, and willing to go to battle for what she cared about.  Metal Elements showed up in her as a profound spiritual connection and reverence for nature and all life.   Metal Element also manifested as being tidy, organized, protocol-driven, and an obsession with all things spiritual.  She had just enough Fire Element to know how to have fun.  The tree and the green trunk and leaves all represent Wood Element.  The white flowers and moons represent Metal Element and also point to the very reverent way Koko lived her life. The red stars and sun represent her Fire Element. Overall this is a nature-based design which also represents Koko for she was very connected to the earth and plants and animals. She loved purple so the background was done in mixed purple tile.

This mosaic tree of life is large enough that once it is installed on a wall, it gives the feeling that one is sitting in the shade and splendor of a tree in bloom – invoking the peace and joy of the beauty of nature.  Total dimension of 9feet wide by 5feet high.

It is finished and I love the scale and bold statement,  a fitting tribute to a fabulous soul.  Rest in peace, Koko, and my your spirit continue on many more extraordinary adventures and find infinite love.

More photos of the process of creating this mosaic art piece.  Production assistance from Siram, and Kemper Stone.  

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