Sophia Othman

Mosaic art & Concrete Sculpture

glass pebbles cast concrete fossils ammonite scallop starfish mosaic on playground structure mosaic by sophia othman bay area mosaic artist

Concrete Fossils Mosaic – On Playground Water Feature

Pebble blue glass & concrete fossil mosaic becomes an interactive play discovery experience for children at playground
cast concrete fossils pebbles and glass gems mosaic by sophia othman bay area mosaic artist sculptor
Playground Water Feature by Tom Arie Donch. Mosaic by Sophia Othman

This mosaic was done as a collaboration with Tom Arie Donch for one of his playground structures.  The mosaic is an interactive feature – it is covered with sand and children can dig the sand away to discover fossils, shiny glass gems, and pebbles.  

Right side of the very long mosaic begins with a spiral of blue glass with starfish at its center
Middle portion of the very long mosaic with more concrete fossils
Left end of the very long mosaic with scallop and ammonite concrete fossils

The water feature has a gentle slope allowing water to flow from the top right down through sand and mosaic treasure and flow off the sculpture on the far left side.  

Highest part of the mosaic where the water flows out from under the concrete starfish fossil


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