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Glass Mosaic Countertop for Outdoor Kitchen

Custom tempered glass countertop in gorgeous blue and green to invoke t

natural sunshine on blue glass mosaic countertop

sophia and custom glass mosaic countertop

Custom glass mosaic Commission: art countertops for two cabinets in an outdoor kitchen/grill area in Los Gatos.

My clients were celebrating their 20 year anniversary and we got the mosaic done in time for the party.

28 square feet of mosaic made especially to fit this outdoor eating/lounging living space. The theme for the design was to reflect the idea of water and sunshine, to tie in with the creek that runs through this living space, and connect to the vibrant blues of the indoor kitchen which is on the other side of the windows seen here. We included vibrant shades of blue/turquoise, greens, and copper and gold accents to complement the cool colors.

Contact us to create a gorgeous tempered glass mosaic for your home.

tempered glass mosaic before grouting

tempered glass mosaic before grouting


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  1. Solange Rivera

    Where could I take a class for this I’m very interested I do mosaics with glass I’m table tops and mirrors and frames. I would love to learn more I just discovered my passion late in life I truly admire your work

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